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Wazid Ali
  • I am a father of a 8 month baby boy named Tamein wazir,attached to him like anything as he is my first baby.On 7 of April he got suffered by fever and I have shown to a doctor in JORHAT .He had given treatment for the same but days passed condition started detoriating .Again we have been to doctor he got Xray done ,but he didn’t identified the problem and continued the same treatment ,with each passing day condition of my baby was also degrading,he stopped feeding and started crying for hours .Doctor in Jorhat advised us to get admitted and he have done some more procedures ,nothing improved.we got more tensed when baby had done blood vomiting,then someone advised us to come to International Hospital Guwahati for the treatment.Thanks to that person and that very moment when I have decide dto move down to International Hospital for the treatment .Doctor here are so efficient they identified Open safety pin near lungs which he must have swallowed 15 days before but we were not aware of it and no doctor in Jorhat was able to identify it. And the special thing they have done is they have removed the pin with just a minor procedure ,My baby was not operated and within 24 hrs of admission my baby is fine as before .This happiness is equivalent to the happiness I have got the day he was born. I want to thank International Hospital ,their pediatric team with special Thanks to Dr.Prakritish Bora and nursing team .
Rajkumar Parajuli
  • I was suffering from brain tumor since 5 years ,swelling in inguinal region since 3 years and was unable to walk. Have visited many reputed hospitals but was not satisfied. But after meeting Dr. Shameem Ahmed and Dr. Elbert Khiangte in International Hospital things seems to get changed. Doctor councelled me so nicely that I have got my operation done here. I would like to thanks to Dr. Shameem Ahmed and Dr. Elbert Khiangte and their team for meticulously operating for the removal of tumor and hernia repair. The procedure was done with professionalism and co-ordination in a short span of time. I am recovering quickly. I would like to thank International Hospital, their nurses for taking a very good care of me.
Mrs. Syeda Rehena Begum
  • I am writing this to share my great experience I had with International hospital, Guwahati.I was suffering from abdominal and ankle swelling in upper limp, breathlessness and tiredness since last 6 months. Even having burning micturation and constipation since last one month. But after getting admitted in International Hospital under gastroenterology department, I have recovered within few days. I want to give special thanks to Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal and nursing team.
Mr. Thilnomi Zate
  • I was suffering from abdominal pain, nausea ,acidity since last 1 year and got admitted here in International Hospital under Dr. C. Chonzik Surgery Department) and he diagnosed cholelithiasis(stone sin gall bladder and he performed Laparoscopic surgery and I have got recovered within 48 hrs. of admission. Thanks to overall hospital operation team, doctors, nurses for taking such a good care. I highly recommend this hospital.
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